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BROWSER - Disabling Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer
Posted by David Lasecki on 28 July 2010 06:59 PM


Internet Explorer (IE)


The purpose of this article is to provide instructions on how to disable the Phishing Filter/SmartScreen Filter in IE.

How-to Guide

The Phishing Filter feature of Internet Explorer, also known as the SmartScreen Filter, has been known to cause performance issues with learning management systems, such as Blackboard. It is recommended that you disable this feature while working in online courses.

To disable the Phishing Filter in IE 7:

  1. Start Windows Internet Explorer 7.
  2. On the Tools menu, point to Phishing Filer, and then click Turn On Automatic Website Checking or Turn Off Automatic Website Checking.
  3. Confirm the selection, and then click OK.

To disable the SmartScreen Filter in IE 8:

  1. Start Window Internet Explorer 8.
  2. On the Safety menu, point to SmartScreen Filter, and then click on the following:
    • Turn Off SmartScreen Filter
  3. In the Microsoft SmartScreen Filter dialog box, click on the following, and then click OK:
    • Turn off SmartScreen Filter

 To diable the SmartScreen Filter in IE 9:

  1. Click the Tools icon, and then click Safety.
  2. Click one of the following items:
    • Turn Off SmartScreen Filter

  3. In the Microsoft SmartScreen Filter dialog box, select one of the following items, and then click OK:
    • Turn off SmartScreen Filter

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