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GENERAL - Having trouble uploading or viewing uploaded documents?
Posted by Nick Palermo on 14 May 2009 10:42 AM

Subject: Uploading or Viewing Uploaded Documents

Date: 6/21/14

Author: CTDLC Support

Institution(s): All

Product: Internet Explorer; Firefox; Safari; Chrome

Question: How do I upload or view uploaded documents?



Regardless of the Learning Management System, users may have issues either uploading files or viewing files they have previously uploaded.

For all CTDLC systems, please make sure your file is in the .DOC or .RTF format.  Also, make sure your document is not open in another program while attempting to upload it, AND be certain that the file is closed before attempting to upload it.  Please make sure that the name of your file does not contain any special characters. Special characters within your filename may prevent you from uploading the document, as well as preventing you or other users from opening the document after it has been uploaded.

A good rule-of-thumb for naming files is to use only letters, numbers, and the underscore ( _ ).  Other characters on the keyboard may cause problems.  We recommend using the underscore to replace spaces for filenames.  Multiple periods in the filename should also be avoided, as well as extremely long filenames. 

Examples follow: 

CORRECT filename scheme: myfile_revision1.doc or myfilename_revision1.docx or myfilename_revision1.rtf

INCORRECT filename scheme: myfile’s…revision #6.doc or Mangoes for $3.docx

INCORRECT filename scheme: The Day I Went to Class and Forgot All of My Books at Home.rtf

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