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GENERAL - Security Software and its Impact on Online Classes
Posted by Nick Palermo on 14 May 2009 10:39 AM

Subject: Security Software and its Impact on Online Classes

Date: 6/21/14

Author: CTDLC Support

Institution(s): All

Product: Internet Explorer; Firefox; Safari; Chrome

Question: What is security software and its impact on online classes?



While security software is designed to protect your machine from malicious software, it can also interfere with the normal operation of programs that you use daily.  Many students experience issues caused by security software while using online learning systems, such as Blackboard.  Some specific programs that have been known to interfere with Blackboard functionality include: 

  • Norton Internet Security
  • McAfee Security Center
  • Trend Micro Internet Security (PC-cillin)
  • Yahoo!, AIM, and Google toolbars

If you are accessing a learning system from a public or business machine, such as from the library or from a work machine, you may also be affected by security software either running on the machine or over the network. 

Many security programs protect your machine from malicious software by blocking the transmission of code that they have identified as a potential exploit.  In addition, certain firewalls block all incoming port requests that do not originate from the host computer.   

There are a number of security software applications available, including some toolbars that plug into your Internet browser.  Because of the dense number security packages and possible configurations, it is difficult to identify consistent behavior from these programs because they are frequently updated and their behavior can vary depending on which Internet sites you are currently accessing.   

Security programs typically provide a method to allow unrestricted access for specific programs or websites.  How this is done varies from program to program but usually you can designate sites as “trusted” or “friendly.” 

In order to effectively troubleshoot connectivity problems you are having the CTDLC Support Center may ask you to disable these security programs.  If you are requested to disable security software while we are troubleshooting your problem, please understand that this is strictly for troubleshooting purposes. 

In the event that security software is identified as a contributing factor to a technical issue being encountered by the end user, CTDLC Technical Support leaves the final decision on how to configure such software to the end-user. We highly recommend referring to vendor documentation and/or their online resources for additional information prior to making any configuration changes. If you are working from a public or business machine, you should contact the network administrator.


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