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Posted by Anthony DeCusati on 08 September 2009 04:08 PM


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The purpose of this article is to explain the reason behind why a user may not be able to add a thread in the Discussion Board of their course(s).


Help! I can't add a thread to my course's Discussion Board!


A Discussion Board has the option to allow students to post new threads to a pre-created forum; this option can be enabled/disabled by the instructor at his/her discretion. Some instructors may do this if he/she has already created all the necessary forums and wishes to funnel all replies under a single initial post they make inside each forum. Unfortunately, this can lead to long load times as these threads get very large, and with differing conditions each student accesses the content under, we generally discourage this method since it may prevent some students from even participating in the discussion(s).

Nevertheless, the usage of the setting to allow students to create threads lies entirely with the course's instructor and his/her preferences. If a student is encountering this issue, he/she should contact his/her instructor to discuss enabling the setting or other options.

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