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Posted by David Wolak on 18 September 2014 11:47 PM


Google Chrome & various operating systems


The purpose of this article is to detail the process on how to download & install the Google Chrome internet browser.

Google Chrome is a freeware web browsing application developed by Google in 2008. It is currently one of the most widely used and highly rated browsers for its simplistic style, ease-of-use and myriad of 'Quality of Life' (QoL) features.

Google Chrome has also been proven to be one of the most stable browser since its creation, and one of the driving factors in why it is used so ubiquitously. Chrome can be downloaded here.

Chrome, like other web browsing applications is extremely easy to install. Once you are at the page listed in the above link, follow these steps to complete the download portion of this guide:

How to Download

1.Click the blue 'Download Chrome' button. The website is designed to automatically detect your operating system, thus customizing your download to your specific personal setup.

2. A small window with a the 'Terms of Service' agreement will appear; on this window click the 'Accept and Install' button after reading through the terms.

3. Once downloaded, run the executable (.exe) file. This file is usually found in your 'Downloads' folder, but if you have changed the download directory within the browser you are performing these actions in, it will be located in that directory. To run the file, click on the file and hit the 'Enter' key or simply double-click the file.

Once here, follow the below installation instructions in order to successfully install Google Chrome to your system:

How to Install

1. A small window will pop up confirming whether or not you wish to run the file; click 'Run'.

2. A white window should appear with a loading bar along with text. This text will change according to how much time is left in the installation process. Once the process has finished, the window will disappear.

3. Upon completion, the Google Chrome web browser will open with a 'Welcome to Chrome' window. At this point, Chrome is successfully installed on your machine and you are free to browse the web as you so choose.

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