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GENERAL - Java Issues related to Windows Vista
Posted by SupportSuite Administrator on 12 July 2009 08:23 PM

Subject: Java Issues Related to Windows Vista

Date: 6/21/14

Author: CTDLC Support

Institution(s): All

Product: Internet Explorer; Firefox; Safari; Chrome

Question: What are some issues with Java relating to Windows Vista?



We have identified an issue that prevents the Java Runtime Environment from rendering applets on Windows Vista machines.  The specific issue identified was related to Impaticized PowerPoint presentations.  These are PowerPoint presentations set up to display interactively in your browser through a Java applet rather than through a Microsoft viewer.  Other Java applets may also be affected, such as the Blackboard collaboration tools (chat and virtual classroom) and the WebEQ applet.  If you are experiencing this issue, you will see a blank area on the page where the plugin should be displayed.  There may be no error message, so this issue may be difficult to spot.

There are several steps to resolve this issue.  First, make sure you are using the correct version of Java.  You should be able to determine which version you are using by visiting the browser check page at  The CTDLC support center can help you if you are not sure how to identify which version you are running. 

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