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BLACKBOARD - Text Box Editor Issues
Posted by Antonio Posella on 10 August 2011 12:44 PM

Subject: Text Box Editor Issues

Date: 6/21/14

Author: CTDLC Support

Product: Blackboard 9.1

Question: How can I fix the formatting issues with the text box editor function for Blackboard?



The Text Box Editor in Blackboard has issues with spacing and other general formatting.  If an article or text is copied and pasted from a source out side of note pad or blackboard itself, the text has issues with formatting and being displayed correctly.  This is due to the HTML coding changes made automatically by the TBE in blackboard.  The only thing that a user can do is to delete the code through the html source code mode and retype, or re copy and paste from a notepad document, while in source code mode. The instructions below will guide the user through the steps neccessary to do this.

Copy and Paste the wanted text from source into Notepad and save file.

With edit mode on:

  1. Click the double down arrow next to the heading
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click Toggle HTML Source Mode 
  4. High-light the entire text box and delete the text completely
  5. From note pad: paste the wanted text in the box (while in source mode)
  6. Click Submit and go back into the edit for the course and make the changes necessary to the text (including spacing and highlighting)
  7. Make changes needed and click Submit.

As you can see, the HTML hyperlink is not posting in blue and clickable: to change this, Highlight the link and click Add Hyperlink. Add the info the boxes and click Submit.

The page should return to the normal editing page, and you can click submit on that page which should keep the highlighted text yellow.

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