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BLACKBOARD - Overlapping Discussion Board Posts
Posted by Carrie Rawley on 10 May 2011 05:45 PM


Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP5


The purpose of this article is to provide instructions on using the Collect feature as a work-around for issues with posts overlapping in the Discussion Board.

How-to Guide

In Blackboard Learn 9.1, the upper part of the discussion board (where the post names are) may overlap the lower portion of the discussion board (where the text of the post is). This is a known issue with Blackboard. Unfortunately, the patch to fix the problem will not be available until late July or August.

For now, you should either collapse the thread by clicking the Minimize ( - ) icon box next to the title, or use the Collect feature to view the posts.

The Collect method doesn't show a thread in a graphical way (indents, etc.), but does allow for full display of a posting and a reply to a post.  To use the Collect feature, follow these steps:

1. Click Discussion Board in the course menu, then click the title of any forum that contains postings.

2. Make sure you are in List View.  The button for List View is at the top right corner of the first page of any forum.

3. Find the options button (gray rectangle button with a down arrow and gray lines) just to the right of the subject line of a thread.

4. Click the options button, and click Collect.

Blackboard "collects" all posts in the thread and displays them on a single page.  Scroll down the page to read the posts. Click a Reply button to reply to any post.  Click "Mark As Read" to change a post's status from Unread to Read.

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