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Posted by Jason Morosky on 25 April 2011 04:32 PM


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The purpose of this article is to provide links to commonly used browser plugins.


Where can I find downloads for commonly used browser plugins?


Below is a list of browser plugins that are commonly used in the content and software we provide support for:

Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash is used for a vast majority of online content - from YouTube movies to games to advertisements. If you do not have Flash installed, you will not get a full online experience.

Apple Quicktime
Quicktime is an Apple format that comes with every Mac and is commonly used for videos and music. Windows users can download Quicktime for free.

RealMedia is a lesser used but still common media format used mostly for videos. The free RealPlayer plays many different media file types.

Windows Media Player
Windows Media comes built in with every Windows computer and is used for videos and music. Mac users can download a compatibility pack for these files if necessary.

Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader allows users to view and print PDF files.

Java is required for some content to be viewed or interacted with. Some features in Blackboard Learn, Angel Learning and Moodle require Java.


All of these plugins are free, as are any updates to the plugins. If you are ever prompted, either during installation of the plugin or during usage, to pay for usage of the plugin, immediately remove the plugin and run scans to detect malware and viruses; there are some programs that use the pretense of being a legitimate browser plugin in order to do damage to computer's or steal a user's information on their computer.

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