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BLACKBOARD - Limited-No Connectivity/Access to Blackboard at the Workplace
Posted by Carrie Rawley on 20 April 2011 12:29 PM


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The purpose of this article is to is to provide information on Firewall filtering and how it may prevent access to Blackboard at the workplace.


Why can’t I access Blackboard at work?


If you are having trouble accessing your Blackboard account at your business or place of work, there is a good chance that the firewall is interfering with your ability to connect to the Blackboard system.

Firewalls are a safeguard for your computer, protecting it from viruses and worms.  Firewalls do this by filtering all information that comes into your computer ports, or access channels, via your internet connection. If any part of the information is found to be untrusted by the firewall filters, it will not be allowed through the network.

Firewall filtering rules in a workplace environment are generally very strict. Many companies deliberately block any ports that are used for anything other than basic internet traffic to limit the use of messenger programs, computer games and other applications.  Sometimes, Blackboard will be blocked completely and other times particular features within Blackboard will not be available. For example, it is common for the Chat Room feature in Blackboard to become blocked.

Additional Information

We recommend talking to your IT department for more information regarding access to Blackboard, as well as other sites for educational use. If you are not able to get it cleared with your employer's IT department, then you will not be able to login using your employer's network/internet connection.

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