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eTutoring - Finding Your Institution
Posted by Ben Parker on 06 April 2011 08:15 AM




The purpose of this article is to explain how a user would find the specific institution that they are attending on eTutoring.


There are a lot of listed institutions on the website; how do I find my institution from the list?


To find your specific institution, first click on the red 'Play' button next to the 'Login Now!' text located on eTutoring's home page. This will bring you to an initial list of institutions and consortiums, or larger groups of institutions. Consortiums will be listed in blue and individual institutions will be listed in black.

If your school does not appear in the first list, it will likely be under one of the various consortiums. Clicking on a consortium link from the main list will open a second list of institutions to the right of the main list. Your school should be located on the right-hand list, provided you have picked the correct consortium.

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