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GENERAL - Where to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox
Posted by Ben Parker on 04 April 2011 09:00 AM


Windows, Mac


The purpose of this article is to direct users to download and install the Mozilla Firefox web browser from the official Mozilla website.


Where can I download and install Mozilla Firefox?


Mozilla Firefox is hosted at To download, click the the green button located on the right side of the page. This download is free and auto-detects the operating system you are using, which then customizes the version of Firefox to your operating system. From this point, you will want to allow the executable file to download, then find the folder where the executable file has downloaded and double-click to begin the installation; alternatively, all modern browsers are designed to alert a user when a download is complete. When alerted, simply click the 'Run' option given to run the executable without having to look for it.

You will want to continue through the installation to completion to fully install the browser. Once installed, it will open up and ask if you wish to sync any information that you may have in other browsers, like passwords or browsing history, to make usage more convenient; these measures are entirely optional and are thus at your discretion to use. Once this is completed, Firefox is ready for use.

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